Since the early days of home security systems when they basically consisted of an alarm on the side of a building that was triggered by trip mechanisms on windows and door home security systems have gone through a litany of changes. Micro-electronics and wireless technology have brought in many of these changes that have allowed home security systems to perform many more functions while at the same time become far more secure and tamper proof.

This is now possible due to the advent of new ultra high tech infrared and motion detectors that can be located along the perimeter of a building that have a range of up to thirty-five feet. This means that a system will now sound the alarm before a burglar has a chance to even reach the building. Of course a system will still employ trip mechanisms on the windows and doors of a home or commercial building but now they are high tech wireless sensors that offer a new higher level of security due to their being wireless. Inside of a home or building the same technology that is employed on the perimeter of the building is to detect any intruder by sensing their body heat or their actual movements. These state of the art wireless sensors are so delicate and precision calibrated that they can easily differentiate between moving curtains, ceiling fans and pets such as dogs and cats.

For added security the whole system is protected with a back-up power supply that can run the entire system if the main power supply is ever shut off. Great new advancements have also been made in other areas of home security as well for complete protection of your home and loved ones. Fire and carbon monoxide protection is also available in a home security system and new technological advancements mean far more reliable protection from both of the life threatening dangers.

New fire detection sensors now respond to heat rather than smoke like a standard fire detector and this means far less risk of false alarms such as in kitchen areas of the home. Also unlike a standard smoke detector heat detectors will signal the control panel which will in turn signal the home alarm while it notifies the security monitoring station. This means that no only will everyone be alerted but also help will automatically be summoned which completely frees you up in thew event of an actual emergency. Carbon monoxide gas is known as the “silent killer” in the home and it kills people every year while they sleep. It is produced by gas heater and heating systems and if the system is faulty it can be forced into a home turning it into a gas chamber. Without state of the art CO sensors in your home you may be playing Russian Roulette with yourself and your family.